AGRICULTURALEQUIPMENTOPERATORSNEEDEDFarmer needs workers to train andassist a team of workers on specialized farm equipment used to plant,fertilize, irrigate and/or harvestSpring Mix crops; train workerson specialized Spring Mix farmmachinery maintenance and operation, with regard to preparation ofmachinery by adjusting speeds ofcutters, blowers, and conveyorsand height of cutting head of depthof digging blades according totype; evaluate germination andpopulation of crops; evaluatepre-harvesting screening reports toplan harvesting, irrigation and otheractivities related to production, 1119-18 to 05-25-19. The employeris Natures Green, Inc,and $11.29per hour is guaranteed. Job locationis in Belle Glade, Florida (PalmBeach County) area. Employer willguarantee the opportunity for workfor the hourly equivalent of 3/4thof the hours of the work period.Employer will provide work tools,supplies and equipment at no costto the worker. Housing will be pro-vided for individual workers outsidenormal commuting distance. Forworkers residing bevond normalcommuting distances, reasonabletransportation and subsistenceexpenses to the worksite will beprovided or paid by the employerafter completion of50% ofthe workperiod. Employer intends to hire 12emporary workers. One year experience in the job duties is required.Apply for this job at the nearest StateWorkforce Agency. The Florida jobnumber is FL10799307

Date: October 11, 2018

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Nature's Green Inc

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AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT OPERATORS NEEDED Farmer needs workers to train and assist a team of workers on special ized farm equipment used to plant, fertilize, irrigate and/or harvest Spring Mix crops; train workers on specialized Spring Mix farm machinery maintenance and opera tion, with regard to preparation of machinery by adjusting speeds of cutters, blowers, and conveyors and height of cutting head of depth of digging blades according to type; evaluate germination and population of crops; evaluate pre-harvesting screening reports to plan harvesting, irrigation and other activities related to production, 11 19-18 to 05-25-19. The employer is Natures Green, Inc,and $11.29 per hour is guaranteed. Job location is in Belle Glade, Florida (Palm Beach County) area. Employer will guarantee the opportunity for work for the hourly equivalent of 3/4th of the hours of the work period. Employer will provide work tools, supplies and equipment at no cost to the worker. Housing will be pro- vided for individual workers outside normal commuting distance. For workers residing bevond normal commuting distances, reasonable transportation and subsistence expenses to the worksite will be provided or paid by the employer after completion of50% ofthe work period. Employer intends to hire 12 emporary workers. One year expe rience in the job duties is required. Apply for this job at the nearest State Workforce Agency. The Florida job number is FL10799307